Biographical Counselling

We notice how the world, humanity as a whole and each person are changing increasingly fast. We can see it just by observing the example of generations in one family. Our eyes are taking in not just the outside world, but also our inner world, ourselves. One of our most treasured acts becomes awareness of one’s self, the self-awareness. In response to this, the last hundred years has brought forward a vast area of knowledge focusing on the psychology of a human being.

Each person becomes a researcher of his or her own self. Who am I? What is the meaning of my life? All people ask these questions. Biography Work and Biographical Counselling based on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, helps individuals to face these questions and to begin the quest for some answers. Biographical Counselling becomes a method of research into one’s own life story, its meaning and ways of taking responsibility for one’s own biography.

A three-year Training Course in Biographical Counselling introduces an opportunity to train in this profession, new in Russia. Our Course tutors are Biographical Counsellors who went to the UK for their training and now practice and teach in Russia as well as the tutors from various countries. Becoming part of this Training Course will help you to open the door for learning how to help others in their striving to understand themselves and balance those soul impulses and forces that we need to fulfil the spiritual individuality that lives in every human being.

Our counsellors

Zinaida Syroviatkina

Holds a Diploma in Biographical Counselling, a trainer, a member of the International Biography Work Forum. For over 18 years Zinaida has been practicing Biographical Counselling, running seminars and workshops, giving talks and lectures.

Ludmila Gechus

Holds a Diploma in Biographical Counselling. Ludmila has been practicing Biographical Counselling, giving workshops, talks and lectures for the past 15 years.


Here you will find photos, drawings and many other visuals.

The reading list containing books and texts about human life development and methods of working with our biography.